Our story

Laughter, trust and friendships in water

Be.loved designer, Tracy Lindner started dipping as part of Cancer recovery during lockdown. “I just love the sea! To wander on the beach, float alongside the dolphins, or immerse myself in its salty goodness”, she says. “Joining a group of cold water enthusiasts has been akin to the saying To Adventure is to Find Yourself Whole”.

Much of her teen years were spent exploring the rock pools of False Bay. “There’s a wonderful, kind and open vibe at Cape Town's tidal pools” says Tracy. She enjoys meeting new people from all walks of life.  "I'm hugely grateful for the camaraderie of the #OctoPauses and the #GinTrolls. There’s nothing like a chilly dip with friends to help you to seize the day!"

A special thank you to our gorgeous models Ray and Nona.

Be.loved -  Benefits both body and soul

The power of a cold plunge

More than just a trend, getting chilly benefits both body and soul. Jump in for happiness!

Boost your mood

Cold water stimulates the release of endorphins, which are natural painkillers and mood boosters. Jump in and be so, so happy!

Get social

Everything's better with friends! A support system helps you deal with psychological problems and it reduces stress as well.

Improve your health

Cold water reduces inflammation, helps your immune system and metabolism, and even cardiovascular health.

In the spirit of Lady Wendy

In the spirit of Lady Wendy

Be.loved believes that to adventure is to find yourself whole. More than just a “towel", the brand captures Lady Wendy’s spirit of adventure. Like her, Curiosity, Courage and Care are the hallmarks of our proudly Capetonian brand.

Be.loved's elegant, full-length A-line towelling robe evokes LindnrCo designer Tracy Lindner’s mother’s maxi pool dress. Ballerina Wendy Lindner loved her garden, and would water her roses or grab some quiet "me time" by the pool in her elegant 1970s poppy print dress. This range is inspired by Wendy's bold spirit and unwavering lust for life. Cheers to you ma!

"The act of swimming can be one of healing, and health - a way to well-being. Swimming together can be a way to find community through a shared beloved body of water.

We only have to watch each other in water to know that it creates the space for play."

Bonnie Tsui, Why We Swim, 2020